Association of Shrine & Temple Carpenters Training School

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Half-day Workshop: Trial as a Shrine & Temple Carpenter

Duration approximately 3 hours
Workshop Includes Shaving/Sawing/Chalk-lining
Information session on traditional architecture and Shrine & Temple Carpenters Training School
Eligibility Anyone
Cost Free
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2-day Workshop: Free Trial (Accommodation Included)

We revive local shrines and temples by training young Shrine & Temple Carpenters.
At our school, we recommend a live-in training in order to train the young apprentices into shrine & temple carpenters with acceptable skills onsite.
We thus provide a two-day workshop (accommodation included) for those who want to learn more about our training school.

Eligibility Age: 15~30-year-olds who aim to become Shrine & Temple Carpenters Those who are available for live-in training
Cost Free
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